Our Brand



     90Ninety’s is the first ear cuff store in Hong Kong, which started in May 2020. We advocate natural beauty, that there should not be any conflicts between beauty and comfort, and at the same time insists on being the truest self.

     It seems to start from somewhen, piercing ears and wearing earrings for our outfit has become a trend. When we were young, we wore pierced earrings only because all the earrings on the market require us to be pierced. However, for the sake of beauty, we really wear a hole in our ears to cater to fashion.

     Our products are mainly jewelry accessories that are size adjustable and not restricted by piercing, including ear cuffs, free-size rings as ear cuffs, free-size bracelets as ear cuffs, and necklaces. Breaking down the stereotype of gender and age, and unpierced ears are no longer a restriction. 

     ‘Minimal yet edgy aesthetic’ is our aim of design, by minimalistic appearance together with comfort and ease of wearing as the basics, so as to achieve both beauty and function. Our ear cuff designs mostly focus on nature, line art and geometric patterns, etc. In order to highlight a wearer’s charm embellishing with a simple ear cuff, and value the lifestyle of minimalism and natural beauty. At the same time, there is no need to worry about ear irritation or inflammation caused by piercing the ear. 

     It is very easy for anyone who loves wearing accessories, there is no gender or age restriction to wear an ear cuff! Just simply stand in front of a mirror and slip the cuff on the thinnest part of your ear, follow the path of the ear pinna and slide it down to the desired position. Press to adjust to desired size so that the ear cuff is comfortable and secured. Making it painless to wear and while achieving a natural beauty.

     Our ear cuffs are made by a local craftsman using traditional wax carving techniques, he verifies the appearance and comfort of the prototype before sending it to the factory for silver casting, polishing and gold plating. Unlike earrings and ear clips, ear cuffs just simply hang on ears by the thickness of the ear cartilage. Our ear cuffs are made of hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver. 925 sterling silver not only reduces the wearer's susceptibility to metal allergies, but also is malleable. Therefore, the opening size and diameter of the ear cuff can be adjusted in order to ensure a perfect fit for each ear.