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Ninety’s CARE⁺

Ninety’s CARE⁺

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Enjoy three years of peace of mind when you buy Ninety’s CARE⁺ for 90Ninety’s luxuries.

Every order comes with 7 days of returns policy with conditions. Ninety’s CARE⁺ provides another unconditional coverage to three years from your Ninety’s CARE⁺ purchase date and adds up unconditional accidental damage or loss coverage

Accidental damage



Accidental loss    


Unconditional coverage includes the following:

Any 90Ninety’s luxuries,

◌Accidental damage (cracked or scratched);

◌Accidental loss (without evidence),

◌Provides a three-year coverage,

◌Unconditional coverage for a three-time replacement for one product of the order.


Please read Ninety’s CARE⁺ Terms and Conditions